Whether in politics, business, or personal life, finding balance is crucial to progress. In art it is no different, if not more difficult – complex yet simple, modern yet traditional, unique yet familiar.


I took my first steps down this path more than 6 years ago in high school, drawing arbitrary sketches in my notebook and watching Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials in my spare time. After two years of trial and error, this hobby turned into a passion, sketches turned into projects, friends turned into clients, and this portfolio began to write itself.

Since then, I have spent much of my time helping businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, or friends enhance their brand by creating intricate and expressive visual identities. After gaining valuable experience, I co-founded Pomasle, a design studio made up of talented freelancers who work primarily with local businesses.

I try to overcome every challenge by combining three different principles into a single, coherent result: precise geometry, refined simplicity and utmost attention to detail. In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with typography and designing both abstract and geometric vector illustrations.


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